Day 1 of the End of the World

An Oral History of the Zombie Apocalypse

Day 1 of the End of the World is a collection of first-hand accounts of what happened the first day of the zombie apocalypse. The Day 1 Oral History Collection showcases the human elements, the chaos, the heroism, and the tragedy as seen through the eyes of people from around the world.

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Latest Episodes

Phone Box

Emergency Dispatcher: “The House of Commons has been secured, but the House of Lords is still being evacuated. Hang in there, Christine, they’ll be coming down the embankment on...

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If You’re Happy And You Know It

Elementary school teacher Nora Carlyle found her classroom management skills put to the test as an unexpected trespasser came to visit her school.

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The Fall of Flagstone Manor

Janelle found herself working in the unlikeliest of places. Flagstone Manor is a cheap facade of a medieval castle slapped up with a dirt Florida arena, just off State...

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Reading from a letter: “Once we reached containment and the lockdowns lifted, there’s still a lot of work to do. There’s cleanup and rebuilding. There’s also settling of accounts...

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“‘Mel?’ ‘Yeah, mom?’ She paused, looking for words that wouldn’t come. Finally, she said, ‘I love you.’ That’s when I got scared. Really scared. The panic choked in my...

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“It’s very important that you all talk to your Big People and figure out what your ‘just in case’ plans are, where your supplies are, and where you will...

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